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About Lomographic

Lomographic including part of photography, but uses a special camera called the LOMO camera. LOMO stands Leningradskoye Optiko-Mechanichesckoye Obyedinenie (Leningrad Optical Mechanical amalgamation) is a lens factory located in St.Petersburg, Russia.

Although born in Russia, the development of Lomo camera is much more rapid in Austria. In Austria Lomografi development is very rapid because Lomografi is a commercial trademark for products related to photography that is Lomographische AG. Lomografi can we call the pure creation of art because we can shoot an object with a manual camera is. Although the tool is still relatively simple technology, but we can produce images unique and different from the picture in general. Lomografer is a term for Lomo camera users and also for people who like Lomografi.

History Lomografi

At first Michail Panfilowitsch Panfiloff, one of the most important figures in Russian LOMO Arms and Optical, weapons factories and optical instruments of the Soviet Union, immediately examine the camera provided by General Igor Petrowitsch Kornitzky, people trust the Minister of Defence and Industry of the Soviet Union are known object came from Japan. After investigation, both agreed this camera and developed enviable design. With the aim of these cameras can be proud citizens of the Soviet Union.
So in 1982 they made the Lomo Kompakt Automat. Cameras of this type is better known by the name of Lomo LC-A. Cameras are manufactured and sold out quickly. It is estimated that its spread was to Vietnam, Cuba and East Germany, to the pleasure of the Black Sea. But the end of the communist era caused Lomo suspended animation.

In 1991, two students of Vienna, Austria namely Matthias Fiegl and Wolfgang Stranzinger rediscover the Lomo LC-A in mainland Prague, Czech. Lomo Camera LC-A that they found it really neglected. Dirty and dull, and the batteries must be imported from Asia. Time period 1992 – 1993, became an important time for the resurrection Lomografi. Matthias Fiegl and Wolfgang Stranzinger immediately go around the world. With persistent both invite friends, relatives, even people they do not know to want to try Lomo. Until the end, they founded the club lover, The Lomographic Society’s Lomo (Lomographische Gesellschaft) in Vienna. In 1994, the exhibition Lomografi the first time in the title in Moscow, Russia and New York, United States. Currently, the club holds more than 500,000 loyal users Lomo, including in Indonesia and Lomo users also can be found 60 locations in five continents and now there are 88 clubs around the world Lomo.

Techniques In Lomografi
Lomografi is a phenomenon in photography. Lomografi hit all the rules, leaving the standard rules in photography. Lomografi have many types of cameras, but all have the same concept, do not care about rules. While in conventional photography, a lot of standard rules to be followed, such as speed, shutter, etc..

Lomo is free we are required to take pictures with the fun. Unlike the usual such as SLR cameras that require specific techniques, Lomo technique is free. The results are very subjective. Whatever the outcome, that’s the Lomo. People interested in participate Lomo because there are no limitations. We sometimes can shoot through the viewfinder or how it could be because there are no binding restrictions. To temporarily leave the moment the theories of photography and let us try to use Lomografi. The results also never be expected. This is proof camera can work in different ways. This rebellion against high tech and high definiton in photography. Photography is to produce good photographs, while Lomografi produce a unique photo.

10 Tips In Taking photos with the Lomo Camera
1. Bring your Lomo camera everywhere you go, because where else can you find an unexpected object images.
2. Wear your Lomo camera without limit. Use your Lomo camera day and night, any time in various situations and conditions.
3. Make Lomografi as a part of yourself and enjoy your time photographing an object with a Lomo camera.
4. take photos with your hips as high as
5. Approach the object of your photos as close as possible in addition to the general Lomo camera no zoom, should have its own feel between you and the object image.
6. Do not think, use your heart and your vision.
7. Quickly capturing an object image, you do not need a lot of thinking / berteknik.
8. You do not have to think too much about image as what you take.
9. You also do not need to consider how the results of the picture you have taken.
10. Do not worry about the rules of photography and do not think much about it when you use a Lomo camera.

Lomografi Camera Types:

1. Lomographic ActionSampler

Results generated by Lomografi photos action sampler camera is a photo with the form of a picture divided 4 parts.

2. Lomographic Colorsplash Camera

Results photos using the camera lomo type colorsplash will play with color. Color shown is photographed is not necessarily in accordance with the original color. This camera is often used for events at night

3. Lomographic Fisheye Camera

Lomo fisheye camera there are 2 types, the first type is often called fisheye1, fund the second type is often called fisheye2. Different from the 2 types is that the second type viewfindernya already convex, so we can know how the results of the drawing. And also is equipped with Bulb and Multiple Exposure modes.

Pocket camera with a fisheye lens. Coverage of the view 170 degrees. The result of photo eyes round like a fish.

4. Lomographic Frogeye Underwater

This camera can still be used even in the swimming pool / water without special casing. That’s why this type of camera called frogeye or frog eye. This camera is not manufactured anymore (dead stock).
the result of lomo frogeye is as same as lomo fisheye, but for photograph in the water

5. Lomographic Oktomat

Results in 1-time snap photos will appear to be 8 small photos in 1 photo

6. Lomographic Pop 9

Results snap photos with a 1-time would appear to be 9 small photos in 1 photo sheet

7. Lomographic SuperSampler

Results in the first photo shots will appear four small pictures lined up in a photograph

8. Lomographic Diana Mini

Results The resulting image is not necessarily in accordance with its original color. Diana lomo lomo colorsplash mini just like that always plays on the color shots.

9. Lomographic Holga

Results The resulting image with its color and played an image taken at the edges slightly rounded


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